Barbie Skirt Pattern 1

This A-line skirt is one of the easy patterns to cut and sew. I have it here in a gif file. This is a pattern that I made using the flat pattern technique. Here is a picture of what you are making:

A-Line Skirt for BarbieBelow is the pattern in gif. format.

A-line skirt pattern for Barbie

Right click and save the pattern graphic to your desktop (or other location on your computer where it will be easy to find). Right click the graphic and open it with your picture viewer (mine is Windows Picture and Fax Viewer). Print the one page from the viewer.

Or you can download the pdf file of Skirt-1-A-line by either clicking on the highlighted link and opening the file on your computer, or right clicking on the highlighted link and Save As to save the file to your computer. Remember where you put it! When you print the pattern in Adobe Acrobat, go to File on the menu, Print, before you print choose Page Scaling: None, so the pattern will stay the correct size.

Here is a larger view of the finished skirt:

Barbie A-Line Skirt