Home Sewing Projects

Home Sewing and Patternmaking Advantages

The advantages of home sewing abound:

1) You will save money while you fill your closet.
2) You can control the color and design of your projects.
3) The perfect fit can be achieved with some work on your part,
4) Learning does not stop, and perfect fit is achieved by learning how to acomplish just that.
5) There are many areas to branch into, and so many creative ways to express yourself.

Do you dream of having a closet full of clothes that actually fit, are the right color, that coordinate, and solve the problem of “What do I have to wear?”

When you indulge yourself and learn to sew you can create the vestments you want, in the size you need, and the colors that best suit you.

 You can become the master of your closet!

I will begin with the simplest and move to the more elaborate, my main focus is usually clothing, although my interest in making things by hand stitching began with burning desire to make doll’s clothes, and I do appreciate a good teddy bear (or other stuffed animal). There are plenty of web sites with instructions for home decorating. My first project lesson will be for Easy Pillow Cases.

What Else Will You Find Here?

I will have a section for patterns and ideas for women’s everyday home and about town wardrobe. Some of the instructions will be adaptable for children, but the art of making women’s clothing and patterns for women’s clothing are the priorities. Vintage clothing patterns and historical costume patterns are two of my favorite subjects and will be included anon. Creating a pattern from a well-loved, but worn out item of clothing will be the topic of one section of this site. Creating your own pattern using a picture from a magazine or a sketch will come later.

Shopping for fabrics and notions is what I love to do. Shopping for ready-made clothing has always bored me to tears, but it can be a source of inspiration for what you want to make for yourself. I share my knowledge on how to shop fabrics, and how I survey the fashion hubs for ideas.

No need to avoid the clothing stores, just don’t spend money there. Instead, make small dollar investments in creations from cloth. It is much more satisfying.

It used to be that everyone learned how to sew. Not everyone liked it or was good at it, but most women knew how to sew simple garments and were able to mend the family’s clothes. There are fewer and fewer people left with the talent and inclination to sew or alter or repair their own wardrobes or those of family members.

Mass produced clothing has become the norm. If you rely on the markets, you become slave to the shapes and colors that are “in.”

But, you can branch out and take some control over your life. Learn to sew and fit your clothing, to choose color, and select fabric and notions, and you have a skill set for life.

Free Barbie Patterns
A good way to learn to sew is to make doll’s clothes using Barbie patterns.

DIY Sewing Patterns
DIY – How to make your own sewing patterns.