I am a sewing enthusiast living in Running Springs, CA. I have sewn every type of clothing and accessory including underwear and bras, bathing suits, tailored jackets (and untailored jackets), coats, real fur, fake fur, wedding dresses, brides maid’s dresses, worked with fine silks, heavy satin, velvet, hats, belts, and bags. One thing I always wanted to do is make shoes. Upholstery, slip covers, duvet covers, and window coverings are also items I have sewn/crafted. I have been sewing since I was 5. I have taken many courses in sewing including tailoring, pattern making, and computerized pattern drafting. I managed to do some draping too in one of the classes. I even did some quilting in the 80s. Mostly I am self taught because I love sewing.

I am a practical sewer; I want to be able to wear out the clothes I make. I stick to
classic lines that I like and that I feel look good on me, then keep making the
same tops and pants over and over so that I refer to them as my uniforms. I used to sew because I loved it and could make something that fit that I couldn’t buy in the store. I made many tailored jackets and coats, blouses and skirts, dresses and pant, then also purses and accessories, and reupholstered several pieces of furniture. I went to school for fashion design and can make a pattern if I have a mind to.

My grandmother made her own clothes until she was in her late 80s. She would use a pattern that she had made changes to that fit her perfectly into her advanced age by continually making corrections over time. Sewing was her therapy and one of the social projects she continued into her late 80s was to make toys for children in the hospital. I have sewing DNA. Love sewing, love that it is relaxing and therapeutic and results in something practical.

Thanks for reading,