Brother PC-420 PRW Sewing Machine Review

Why buy a Brother PC-420 PRW Limited Edition Sewing Machine?

Think Project Runway and all of the hustle the contestants go through to produce a final project within major time constraints. I love the show, and admire the skills that are openly on display. One necessary must have for a serious dressmaker, tailor, or designer is a well running, feature rich, dependable sewing machine for those days you have to get something done right away. After watching the show (Project Runway), I will never complain about not having enough time again!

I have been watching reruns on the Style network and I can hardly wait for the new season.

The Brother PC-420 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine is an exceptional tool: a feature packed, reasonably priced sewing machine that will fuel your creative fashion or quilting impulse. Choose from 294 built in stitches, 10 styles of automatic buttonholes, and three lettering styles for monogram embroidery which are selected from a computerized liquid crystal display (LCD) screen. The My Custom Stitch TM feature allows you to design and save your own stitches to the machine’s computer memory. Two other great features are the needle threading system and automatic thread trimmer which cuts lower and upper threads at the end of each task, both engineered to save you time. Also, to lift the presser foot one can use the built-in knee lift (a feature that used to come only with industrial sewing machines) or the hand lever, whichever suits your needs.

Exceptional Machine, Great Price

The Brother PC-420 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine is suitable for novice seamstresses through professional designers. For a price of around $400.00 (marked down from $649.00) you have incredible functionality with 72 decorative stitches, 57 utility stitches, 10 buttonhole styles, built in accessory storage, and a hard cover carrying case. is suitable for novice seamstresses through professional designers. For a price of around $400.00 (marked down from $649.00) you have incredible functionality with 72 decorative stitches, 57 utility stitches, 10 buttonhole styles, built in accessory storage, and a hard cover carrying case.

Simple To Use Means Easy To Use

In a previous post I told the story of learning to sew back in the 1950s.

I have been sewing since I was 5. Back in the 50s every woman learned how to sew. In fact in 1964, I was required (in Junior High) to take a sewing class at school. Since using my first sewing machine (an early 1950s Singer) I have owned 3 straight/zig-zags (my favourite one was a Pfaff 1222 that I wore out in 1999), and one 1984 circa Singer serger that is still huffing along close to its end (a serger review for you to read). In 1999 I bought a Simplicity for about $300.00. I hate the darned thing, and since I have had it I have not felt the joy of sewing I did with my Pfaff. I am looking for a change for the better, so that I can have that wonderful feeling of creation again through sewing.

I have been sewing a long time, but still want a machine that is user friendly. The easiest machine I have used by far is the one I started on, a 1950s model singer straight stitch.

The new Brother PC-420 PRW sewing machine is not as simple as that early Singer I started on, but to help you get up to speed with all the dials and buttons, directions for use come in a n easy to follow booklet, and also on an even easier to follow CD that gives you step-by-step visual instructions. The instructions for use on the CD get high rankings and make this machine with many features easy to figure out, and simple to use.

So Many Feet!

The machine comes with a variety of snap-on presser feet including a buttonhole foot, an overcasting foot, a monogramming foot, a zipper foot, a walking foot, a zig-zag foot, a blind stitch foot, and a button fitting foot.

Here are some examples of what you and the presser feet can do:

Examples of the Buttonholes
Buttonhole Foot
The machine is able to create 10 different kinds of buttonholes.

Overcasting Foot (Overlock Foot)
Makes an excellent seam finish that can be used for knits, excellent if you do not own a serger.

Monogramming Foot
personalize by creating your own monogram on towels, garments, etc.

Zipper Foot
an absolute necessity, zippers are easy to install once you have done a few…really!

Blind Stitch Foot
for invisible hemming. Save yourself some time by learning to use this presser foot—practice on a scrap of fabric first.

Button Fitting Foot
holds the button in place for fast attachment by machine stitching.

Presser feet also included with the Brother PC-420 PRW Sewing Machine:

    • Walking Foot to assure even feeding of fabric layers.
    • Quilting Foot for sewing patchwork or quiltwork with ¼ or 1/8 inch seams.
    • Stitch Guide Foot for accurate sewing of utility or embellished projects.
    • Adjustable Zipper/Piping Foot for better control at zipper and piping edges, this foot can be positioned exactly at the edge by adjusting the foot to the left or right.
    • Non-Stick Foot for consistent feeding of “sticky” fabrics such as leather, or vinyl.
    • Open Toe Foot for better visibility of sewing area.

Optional Presser Feet that are Available

There are also many optional accessory feet that can be ordered depending on the uses to which you will put your Brother PC-420 PRW Limited Edition Sewing Machine including:

SA185 – ¼ Inch Piecing Foot-Guide for piecing quarter inch seams on fine fabrics.

SA125 – ¼ Inch Quilting Foot for quilt and patchwork, doll clothes and heirloom sewing projects allowing a quarter or eighth inch seams.

SA126 – 7mm Narrow Hem Foot to create a flat narrow hem on lightweight
fabrics such as voile or silk.

SA157 – 7 mm. Cording Foot (5-hole) which has a wider and flatter groove than the Picot Foot.

SA158 7mm Cording Foot 7 hole for anchoring decorative threads or cords (up to five).

SA164 – 7 mm. Picot Foot for picot hem finishes.

SA177 – 7 mm. Side Cutter allows cutting and overcastting edges at the same time similar to what a serger can do.

SA161 – Adjustable Zipper and Piping Foot that can be adjusted exactly to the edge of the zipper or piping on the right or left side of seams.

The Warranty

A very good 25 year warranty on the Brother PC-420 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine means security for the future.

Accessory Assortment

    • Knee Lifter
    • Grid Sheet Set
    • Seam Ripper
    • Needle Set
    • Twin needle
    • Cleaning brush
    • Large Screw Driver
    • Eyelet Punch
    • Large Spool Cap
    • Medium Spool Cap
    • Small Spool Cap
    • Power Cord and Foot Controller
    • Manual
    • Hard storage case (mentioned above)

Highlights from Reviews of the Brother PC-240 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine

  • “This is a nice machine. I read the manual through once and was able to sew on it with confidence.”
  • “I started reading reviews about it by people who purchased it. I could not find one bad review!”
  • “What a find! This machine has lots of bells and whistles, which is an added bonus, but it’s also very user friendly.”
  • “ This machine comes with several types of presser feet, 4 bobbins, numerous accessories like a second spool pin and twin needle, an eyelet punch, two screwdrivers for changing presser feet and the plate, a cleaning tool with brush, and a hard shell cover.”
  • “I sew at least 3 or 4 times a week, and I have had zero problems.”
  • From a novice seamstress:
    “I cannot stress enough how easy it is to use this machine. Although I’ve only had it a month, I haven’t had one problem with it.”
  • “I love it. Absolutely. Positively. Worth every penny.”
  • “I have had this machine for about 1 month now, and must say the only negative I have found is that I am spending too much time quilting instead of cleaning!”

My Opinion

This is a highly rated sewing machine for users from novice to experienced. Get a good sewing machine that will quietly perform many functions such as the Brother PC-420 PRW Limited Edition. You will have everything you need to create functional or fantastic clothing and decorating designs.

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