Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine Review

Review of Brother CS6000i Sew Advance Sew Affordable 60 Stitch Computerized Free Arm Sewing Machine

Brother CS6000i

Hey all seamstresses and potential seamstresses, I found a great sewing machine at a great price. In the hundreds of sewing machines to choose from, I found the Brother CS6000i 60 stitch free arm. I think I have found the perfect sewing machine for me. It is extremely reasonable in price at just under $160.00. I am usually on a strict budget, so as this machine is marked down from a $449.00 suggested price, the purchase won’t break the bank, as they say. The Brother CS6000i comes with a lot of extras too, even a hard plastic storage case. I am writing this post today to let every sewing enthusiast out there know what an exceptional bargain this machine this is and at such an exceptional price!

Simple to Use

One thing I especially like about this machine is its simplicity. That means simple to learn, simple to use, and simple means a faster learning curve. But if you want to go fancy, there are embroidery functions that a will whet your appetite for more difficult projects that are also simple to figure out and use. So, not only is the machine simple to use, it comes with a fantastic assortment of stitches from utilitarian to decorative, and a full tray of accessories.

I have been sewing since I was 5. Back in the 50s every woman learned how to sew. In fact in 1964, I was required (in Junior High) to take a sewing class at school. Since using my first sewing machine (an early 1950s Singer) I have owned 3 straight/zig-zags (my favourite one was a Pfaff 1222 that I wore out in 1999), and one 1984 circa Singer serger that is still huffing along close to its end (a serger review for you to read). In 1999 I bought a Simplicity for about $300.00. I hate the darned thing, and since I have had it I have not felt the joy of sewing I did with my Pfaff. I am looking for a change for the better, so that I can have that wonderful feeling of creation again through sewing.

To fill this need, while I was looking around the Internet for a new machine I came across some fabulous Brother CS6000i reviews. The Brother name attracted me as I have a Brother knitting machine that works wonderfully

A Machine with so Many Great Features

Free arm for sewing sleeve cuffs and pant hems is a pretty essential feature, one that I will use often. If there is no free arm (as in my early 1950s Singer) it is much more challenging to sew some parts of a garment, and garment construction is what I use a sewing machine for 90% of the time.

The machine boasts 60 stitch functions that include utility, decorative, quilting and heirloom style stitch functions. Stitch width and stitch length can be programmed to 7 mm.

CS6000i Stitches

There is also a buttonhole attachment that can be set to seven different styles of one-step buttonholes. A buttonhole function was one of the must-haves for my new sewing machine.

Examples of the Buttonholes

The computerized stitch selection displays on an LCD screen. You can start, stop, and reverse your sewing with a 1-touch button, or use the floor pedal. It is great to have the option of foot-pedal free sewing. There is also an automatic thread mechanism and an auto-set drop-in bobbin (my machines have always had a bobbin case to insert the bobbin in, then the case is inserted into the lower part of the machine).
The machine comes with a variety of snap-on presser feet including a buttonhole foot, an overcasting foot, a monogramming foot, a zipper foot, a walking foot, a zig-zag foot, a blind stitch foot, and a button fitting foot.

So Many Feet!

Some examples of what the presser feet are for include:

Buttonhole foot
And the machine able to create 7 different kinds of buttonholes

Overcasting Foot (overlock foot)
Makes an excellent seam finish that can be used for knits, excellent if you do not own a serger.

Monogramming Foot personalize by creating your own monograms.

Zipper Foot an absolute necessity.

Blind Stitch Foot for invisible hemming.

Button Fitting Foot holds the button in place for fast attachment by machine stitching.

Optional Presser Feet that are Available

There are also many optional accessory feet that can be ordered depending on the uses to which you will put your Brother CS6000i Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine including:

  • SA185 – ¼ Inch Piecing Foot-Guide for piecing quarter inch seams on fine fabrics.
  • SA125 – ¼ Inch Quilting Foot for quilt and patchwork, doll clothes and heirloom sewing projects allowing a quarter or eighth inch seams.
  • SA126 – 7 mm. Narrow Hem Foot to create a flat narrow hem on lightweight fabrics such as voile or silk.
  • SA157 – 7 mm. Cording Foot (5-hole) which has a wider and flatter groove than the Picot Foot.
  • SA158 – 7 mm. Cording Foot (7-hole) for anchoring decorative threads or cords (upt to five).
  • SA164 – 7 mm. Picot Foot for picot hem finishes.
  • SA161 – Adjustable Zipper and Piping Foot that can be adjusted exactly to the edge of the zipper or piping on the right or left side of seams.
  • And many more…

Easy and Functional

The machine is computerized and for that function you have a LCD screen so that you can select the correct settings for your stitches. The automatic threading saves time as does the auto-set drop-in bobbin.

When you are ready to start stitching you can use either the 1-touch button on the machine itself, or the floor pedal. Your stitching area is well lighted with dual LED directly above the work area.

For large projects, there is a wide table attachment, for quilting and so on. A hard cover case is included for storage. Note: this case has no handle, so if you need a case for carrying, please see the recommended Brother CS6000i sewing machine case. However, I recommend that you wait to see if the storage case is sufficient for your needs.

The Warranty

A very good 25 year warranty on the Brother CS6000i sewing machine means security for the future.

Variable Speed and Accessory Assortment

The Brother CS6000i is lightweight with variable speeds that you control up to 850 stitches per inch. Also included with the CS6000i is a good assortment of accessories:

  • Seam ripper
  • Bobbins
  • Needle set
  • Extra spool pin
  • Twin needle
  • Cleaning brush
  • Screw driver
  • Power cord
  • Manual
  • Hard storage case (mentioned above)

Order extra bobbins here: Style SA156 Sewing Machine Bobbins for Brother – 10 Pack

Features of the Brother CS6000i

The automatic needle threader will save you time and effort by taking care if threading the needle for you. Fast bobbin winding is also a plus for time spent efficiently on sewing. I am interested in seeing how fast the bobbin winder is! It has always made my heart sink to run out of thread and have to wind another bobbin. One thing that may help for a larger project, like my pants always take more than one bobbin, is to wind two bobbins at the beginning to have one ready when the first runs out.

The Reviews are Stellar!

One of the best deals on the sewing machine market today is the Brother CS6000i Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine. The average customer review at Amazon is 4.4 out of 5 stars for 589 reviews which is stellar! It is a popular machine so you can judge for yourself after reading reviews here, just scroll down to the review section once you land on the page.

Highlights from Reviews of the Brother CS6000i

  • “This machine represents the most incredible value-for-money on the market today. It is very, very easy to use, and the manual is exceptionally helpful. It comes with every foot and accessory you could ever possibly need.”
  •  “I wanted a mid-range sewing machine with some flexibility, and this is the machine.”
  • “… if you are looking for a good machine to quilt, this machine has all the features you will need, and it’s priced so you can actually afford it.”
  • There seems to be a consensus that the machine does not like cheap thread, and if you do use cheap thread, that the thread will bunch up and cause problems. So use good quality thread!
  • “…don’t let the low price fool you, it really is a more expensive machine selling for super cheap right here on amazon.”
  • “My absolute favorite feature is that when you change stitches the LCD display tells you what presser foot you need to attach for that stitch!!!”
  • The other thing that reviewers continue to state is the affordability and the fact that the features are similar to many high end sewing machines.
  • “I really would recommend this machine, it has more stitches than you could ever want and comes with a lot of additional presser feet and accessories.“
  • “If you’re a beginner like I am, I would definitely recommend this machine. It’s a fun new hobby and not nearly as daunting as I had thought it would be.”

My Opinion

This is the best sewing machine I have found for the money. There are some issues with thread, buy good thread, no cheepo thread allowed. The ease of use combined with variable speeds (so I can go fast on long straight seams) makes this machine my choice for main sewing machine. Reviewers state that it is great for beginners. The best machine for beginners would be a machine that does not have problems with tension, that does not eat the material or pull it under when starting the stitching, that works well in straight stitch and zig-zag. The extra stitches are a bonus for later after the basics are well learned.

I went to one of the stores that sells the Brother CS6000i and made a test run before ordering the machine through I brought an assortment of materials and fabrics that I usually use and what a joy to use this machine! It performed beautifully on all my materials. I try to use cotton as much as possible, but I also like wool, linen, silk, and rayon. I try to stay away from polyester. A little lycra in the mix is best for swimwear and exercise gear. It is good to get to know your fabrics for sure. I have a page that describes characteristics of different fabrics and how to figure out what fabric you have by testing (if it is from an old stash of gramma’s say).

About Me

I have been sewing for over 50 years. I am a practical sewer; I want to be able to wear out the clothes I make. I stick to classic lines that I like and that I feel look good on me, then keep making the same tops and pants over and over so that I refer to them as my uniforms. I used to sew because I loved it and could make something that fit that I couldn’t buy in the store. I made many tailored jackets and coats, blouses and skirts, dresses and pant, then also purses and accessories, and reupholstered several pieces of furniture. I went to school for fashion design and can make a pattern if I have a mind to.

My grandmother made her own clothes until she was in her late 80s. She would use a pattern that she had made changes to that fit her perfectly into her advanced age by continually making corrections over time. Sewing was her therapy and one of the social projects she continued into her late 80s was to make toys for children in the hospital. I have sewing DNA. Love sewing, love that it is relaxing and therapeutic and results in something practical.

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